Our Club’s Officers


2021-2022 Club Officers

President Beverly Reynal 972-365-9015 NETCpresident@aggienetwork.com
Treasurer Leslie Kalina 817-903-4158 NETCtreasurer@aggienetwork.com
Secretary Patti Cox NETCsecretary@aggienetwork.com
1st VP Membership Co-Chair Kim Early NETCmembership@aggienetwork.com
1st VP Membership Co-Chair Nancy Wilson NETCmembership@aggienetwork.com
2nd VP Fundraising Co-Chair Dianne Dorman NETCfundraising@aggienetwork.com
2nd VP Fundraising Co-Chair OPEN
–    Raffle Lead OPEN
–    Spirit Items (T-shirts, Signs, Etc.) Dorita Sanchez 817-789-0239
3rd VP Communications (Team Lead) Jill Webb 817-733-0325 NETCaggieMoms@aggienetwork.com
–    Facebook Admin Ellie Hall 972-948-8358
–    Webmaster Suzanna Perea 817-504-5634
Chaplain Lori Black 817-688-3096 NETCchaplain@aggienetwork.com
Historian/Photographer Francene Venesky NETChistorian@aggienetwork.com
Hospitality Co-Chair Cris Casarez 817-239-1758
Hospitality Co-Chair OPEN
Howdy Party Chair Michelle Schnacke 214-240-6082 NETChowdyparty@aggienetwork.com
Parliamentarian (Past President) Nancy Longbottom 817-360-8281 will also take on membership or fed delegate
Programs Chair & Good Shepard Church Liaison Jennifer Dooley NETCprograms@aggienetwork.com
Ring of Honor Chair Becky Brown NETCroh@aggienetwork.com
Scholarships Chair OPEN NETCscholarships@aggienetwork.com
Social Chair Lori Winters 469-996-6465
Social Chair OPEN
Student Services Team:  NETCgoodybags@aggienetwork.com
    Goody Bags and Cris Casarez 817-239-1758 NETCgoodybags@aggienetwork.com
    Commemorations Bonnie Reininger 817-228-9670
Traditions Allison Mull 972-814-4785
Federation Voting Delegate* Nancy Longbottom 817-360-8281

* Attends Federation meetings – can be a dual role with another position